Tinitus (Sound in Ear)

Tinnitus is the hearing disorder in which a person perceives a ringing sensation in the ear in the absence of external source. Tinitus is not a full fledged disease and is caused by entry of foreign elements inside the ear region which cause the lingering of the noise.

The causes of tinitus are various. One of the major reasons of tinnitus is the age related hearing loss. With age the hearing system gradually gets impaired and hence there is misbalance in the brain region. This causes microscopic changes in the ear region which later aggravates as tinnitus. The other reason for tinnitus is noise related damage to inner ear. The causes behind the same are many like broken bones or any damage inside the ear. 

Long term use of certain medication also causes tinnitus as the body cannot adjust to the high dosage and the ear region is impaired. Changes in ear bone due to interpenetration or any growth causes tinnitus too. Injury too causes tinitus as the body is incapable to recovering from shock instantly.

Hence all these factors lead to a pain in the ear region along with headaches which cause problem in normal working of the body. Long with all this the sound sometimes becomes loud and sometimes it subsides and hence the ups and downs cause more irritation. Tinnitus cause problem in normal sleep and hence a lot of stress is added which further aggravates the position. So the right medication on doctor’s advice is the best way to handle tinnitus.